About Us

Steve Hamile

* Multi-unit and Multi concept creation and development
* Expertise in “Change Management” , concept revolution and re-engineering
* Prior CEO, CFO and President positions in Private Equity and multi State operations
* Built numerous start-ups from zero to $150+ million
* Skilled in asset development, strategic planning and business valuation
* Negotiation skills, human resources proficiency and legal background
* Expertise in systems controls and procedures, team building and leadership training
* Executive Chef experience, menu development and a keen palate
* Excellent trainer and communicator
* Expertise in resort property development and operations
* Expertise in investor communications and private placement memorandum creation
* Proficient in Spanish

Voltaire Andrews

Creative Director

With a background and degree in both Art and Computer Technology, Voltaire combines his skills in both, to guide his code developer and digital marketing team to success when working on technology projects. Voltaire has over 30 years of certified computer technical knowledge and software engineering. Some of the clients Voltaire has worked with are Taco Bell, Compaq Computers, Coke, Kentucky Fried Chicken and more.

Specializes in: Computer Science, Graphics and Marketing, Art and Aesthetics and Business Management, Video Game Development, App Development.

Alex Chisholm

For over a decade, Alex has been working as a coder with his start at 16 years old as a freelance coder, working remotely with a global set of clients as well as some local clients in his hometown of New Smyrna Beach, Florida.

Towards the end of high school, he became fascinated with physics and went on to get a B.S. at the University of Florida.

Learning physics amplified his arsenal of skills with a focus on critical thinking, data analysis and data manipulation/migration – all great skills for handling clients’

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